IRO International Journal on Sustainable Wireless Systems

The Journal of Mobile Communications, Wireless Systems and Sustainable Computing

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Joy Iong Zong Chen


The IRO International Journal on Sustainable Wireless Systems revolution is bringing fundamental changes in the Information and Communication Technologies [ICT] to facilitate a sustainable energy-efficient technologies to come into the existence. To emancipate the wireless communication system users to experience an economic, energetic and eco-friendly communication processes, Sustainable wireless communication technologies harbor the potential of using energy efficient networking systems and computing frameworks in wireless communication systems and applications. Focusing on the sustainable aspects of the field, Wireless communication systems provides a comprehensive platform for factual value contributions in these fast growing area of interest. The journal is dedicated to publish refereed and innovative research articles that deals with novel experience, management and results on sustainable wireless communication systems and applications.

  • Reports on the energy-efficient wireless communication systems with sustainable computing approaches that results from recent wireless communication system innovations.
  • A brief focus on evolving sustainable systems planning and resource management techniques.
  • Deals with innovative researches to analyse communication systems, sustainable wireless systems and energy-efficiency.

  • IROSWS accept (full paper, review, report, communication, short communication, and technical note) in the fields of Sustainable information systems, Wireless Networks, Internet of Things, Computer Networks, Mobile Communication, Software Defined Wireless communication systems, Cyber Physical Systems, Green Data Centers, Cognitive principles and techniques.

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    Publication Frequency: Online journal with 4 issues per year (March,June, September and December)
    Publication charges: Nil
    Published by: Inventive Research Organization,India.

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