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Volume - 2 | Issue - 2 | june 2020

Data Forwarding in Wireless Body Area Networks
Dr. Joy Iong Zong Chen, Lu-Tsou Yeh  86  61
Pages: 80-87
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Chen, D. J. I. Z. & Yeh, L. (2020). Data Forwarding in Wireless Body Area Networks. Journal of Electronics and Informatics, 2(2), 80-87. doi:10.36548/jei.2020.2.002
01 June, 2020

One of the most crucial application of Wireless Body Area Networks in healthcare applications is the process of monitoring human bodies and gather physiological data. Network performance degradation in the form of energy efficiency and latency are caused because of energy depletions which arises due to limited energy resource availability. The heterogeneity of body sensors will lead to variation in the rate of energy consumption. Based on this, a novel Data Forwarding Strategy is presented in this research work to enhance collaborative WBAN operations, improve network lifetime and restrict energy consumption of the sensors. In this paper, we have contributed towards reducing the size of data to be transmitted by compressed sensing and selection of relay sensor based on sampling frequency, energy levels and sensor importance. Using the proposed methodology, it is possible to improve both reliability and energy-efficiency of WBAN data transmission. moreover, it is also possible to adapt to the changing WBAN topologies when the proposed methodology is used, balancing energy efficiency and consumption.

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