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Volume - 3 | Issue - 3 | september 2021

Quantitative Analysis of Knee Radiography
R. Kanthavel  , R. Dhaya  99  44
Pages: 167-177
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Kanthavel, R. & Dhaya, R. (2021). Quantitative Analysis of Knee Radiography. Journal of Electronics and Informatics, 3(3), 167-177. doi:10.36548/jei.2021.3.002
30 September, 2021

The most common orthopedic illness in the worldwide, osteoarthritis (OA), affects mainly hand, hip, and knee joints. OA invariably leads to surgical intervention, which is a huge burden on both the individual and the society. There are numerous risk factors that contribute to OA, although the pathogenesis of OA and the molecular basis of through such are unknown at this time. OA is presently identified with an analyses were used to examine and, if required, corroborated through imaging - a radiography study. These traditional methods, on the other hand, are not susceptible to sense the beginning phases of OA, making the creation of precautionary interventions for specific disease problematic. As a result, other approaches which might permit for the timely identification of OA are needed. As a result, computerized perception algorithms give measurable indicators that may be used to determine the severity of OA from photographs in an automated and systematic manner. The study of Knee radiography and its quantitative analysis is analyzed in this paper.

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