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Volume - 2 | Issue - 3 | september 2020

IoT based Smart Grid Attack Resistance in AC and DC State Estimation
B. Vivekanadam  148  96
Pages: 118-122
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Vivekanadam, B. (2020). IoT based Smart Grid Attack Resistance in AC and DC State Estimation. Journal of Electrical Engineering and Automation, 2(3), 118-122. doi:10.36548/jeea.2020.3.002
19 January, 2021

Use of automation and intelligence in smart grids has led to implementation in a number of applications. When internet of things is incorporated it will result in the significant improvement a number of factors such as fault recovery, energy delivery efficiency, demand response and reliability. However, the collaboration of internet of things and smart grid gives rise to a number of security issues and threats. This is especially the case when using internet based protocols and public communication infrastructure. To address these issues we should ensure that the data stored is secure and critical information from the data is extracted in a careful manner. If any threat to its security is detective an early blackout warning should be issued immediately. In this paper we have proposed a geometric view point for big data attacks which is capable of bypassing bad data detection. We have created an environment where replay scheme is used launch blind energy big data attack. The defence mechanism of our proposed work is studied and found to be efficient. Experimental evidence supports our theory and we have found our methodology to efficiently improve error detection rate.


Big Data Smart Grid Power Generation IoT-based Replay Attack

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