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Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Capsule Networks


The Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Capsule Networks (AICN) is an international, open access and strictly double blinded peer reviewed journal that aims to highlight the practical and theoretical facets of Ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence and Capsule Networks and endorse their application in all the imminent research fields.

AICN provides a platform for publishing the innovative approaches, tools and techniques of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Deep Learning, Cognitive Science, Ad-hoc Networks, Artificial Neural Network, Evolutionary Computing, Speech Recognition and Autonomous Systems. AICN is dedicated to solicit high quality innovative research works, but it also permits the review and tutorial articles.

  • Prompt review and publication of articles.
  • Enact as a forum for nurturing and promoting an international community of scholars and practitioners.
  • Strives to cover the technical arena of models and applications in Ubiquitous AI Research and Pervasive Capsule Networks.

AICN is principally focused on the anticipated applications of Machine Perception, Robotics, Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Complex Networks, Expert & Multi-agent Systems, Complex and Intelligent Systems, Networks, Recommendation System, Human-Computer Interface, and Knowledge Representation.

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