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Journal of Electrical Engineering and Automation


Journal of Electrical Engineering and Automation (JEEA) is a double blinded peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, open access journal, intends to foster a wider academic interest on Electrical and Engineering and Automation. JEEA helps to endorse the further integration and fusion of Electrical Engineering and Automation disciplines within the practical applications and fosters the discussions on theoretical advances of such integration.

JEEA is devoted to publish the high quality and state-of- the-art articles contributing new results in different facets of Digital Electronics, Robust Control, Industrial Automation, Adaptive Control, Process Control and Instrumentation and Power Systems. JEEA encourages the submissions related to the recent developments in novel and emerging arenas including the following fields of Robotics, Circuits and Systems, Wireless and Mobile Communication, Information Theory, and Digital Image Processing.

  • Explores the research and notions among eminent researchers and practitioners for the better scope in the field of Electrical Engineering and Automation.
  • Encompasses high quality novel manuscripts from various aspects of Electrical Engineering, Control Systems, Automations, Power Systems, Electronics, Networks and Communication Systems.
  • Conferring an eminent and reliable international forum and a proficient peer-review journal that encompasses the recent trends in Electrical Engineering and Automation.

JEEA covers the topics that include Energy, Circuits and Systems, Automation Systems, Antennas and Propagation, Vehicular Technology, , Electronics and Microelectronics, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control Systems.

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