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Journal of Soft Computing Paradigm


Journal of Soft Computing Paradigm (JSCP) aims to be an international forum to broadcast novel research results in Soft Computing Paradigms across all the scientific disciplines. JSCP publishes advanced state-of-the-art and interdisciplinary research works that include Fuzzy Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and other Industrial Applications related to the Soft Computing Paradigm.

JSCP is an open access peer reviewed international journal for conferring the latest research works and applications in the aspects of Soft Computing that comprises Ant Colony Optimization, Evolutionary Computing, Neural Networks, Autonomous Techniques, Decision Support and Pattern Recognition. JSCP enacts as an important source of information for mounting the number of researchers, developers and users in research environments.

  • Discusses the Soft Computing Paradigm that has been applied for deriving innovative solutions for computationally concentrated applications across the computer networks.
  • Addresses novel inventions, techniques, and solutions for Soft Computing and other related technologies.
  • Targets to contribute the research works in the field of Applied Soft Computing Paradigm.

The scope of JSCP covers Computer Networks, Chaos Theory, Particle Swarm Optimization, Probabilistic Computing, Fuzzy, Bio- Inspired Computing, Data Visualization, Fault Diagnosis, Robotics, Internet of Things, Neuro Computing, Information Retrieval Human-Machine Interface and Network Security.

Related Subject >> Computing Concepts, Designs and Algorithms - Soft and Cognitive Computing - Web and Grid Computing - Software Agents and Multi-Agent Systems - Security Frameworks and Protocols - Hybridization of Intelligent Networks

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