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Volume - 3 | Issue - 1 | march 2021

Evaluation of Performance of Cloud of Things for Transferring Multimedia and Bulk set Data
B Vivekanandam  141  102
Pages: 1-9
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Vivekanandam, B. (2021). Evaluation of Performance of Cloud of Things for Transferring Multimedia and Bulk set Data. Journal of Ubiquitous Computing and Communication Technologies, 3(1), 1-9. doi:10.36548/jucct.2021.1.001
23 April, 2021

As the number of context-aware and unique data extracting and computing has grown leaps and bounds, paving way to their application in many platforms, Internet of Things (IoT) has gained a lot of importance in recent years. Using IoT, it is possible to connect any number of objects and in any context, giving rise to a diverse range of services. Hence power management, data storage, service discovery, service management, service creation and resource management need a more sophisticated mechanism and a better infrastructure. However, a single IoT that is power-constrained will not be able to tackle all the data that is generated. Hence cloud computing plays a crucial role by integrating with the IoT in such a way that the future internet and envisioned IoT is achievable. There are a number of challenges involved of which data trimming is common challenge. Due to unnecessary communication, the data this sent to the cloud may be interrupted. Hence to prevent this, data is initially preprocessed following which it is trimmed and then transferred to the cloud. This aspect of data processing can be carried out through Fog Computing or Smart Network that serves as a smart gateway. In this paper, we have introduced a novel concept Fog computing as the smart gateway. The results have been analysed and tested with respect to bulk-data synchronizstion Delay, bulk-data upload delay, jitter, synchronization delay and upload delay.


Fog computing smart gateway cloud computing IoT smart gateway

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