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Copyright & License

Copyright applies to articles published under the license of IRO Journals. Users are allowed to access, translate, copy, and download the published text and data for non-commercial research purposes, where the obtained research content should not be redistributed / displayed elsewhere, where users should

  • Include article citation with appropriate bibliography
  • Maintain the research novelty
  • Include the copyright notice, terms and conditions in the article
  • If any third party content is identified in the article, the copyright policies will comply with the intended third party only.
  • IRO does not comply with any translation agreement for its publications. Henceforth, in any case of translation, in such case authors should a line that, “The translation is unofficial, IRO is not officially endorsed in developing any translated version”
  • To publish the research articles under IRO, certain publication rights/license should be obtained between the intended author and IRO in the below mentioned ways:

  • Authors should exercise exclusive rights of their article to IRO, when it is published under open access model.
  • Authors should completely transfer the copyright to IRO, when it is published under any subscription model.
  • Regardless of the selection of publication types, IRO will significantly support their primary requirement to disseminate, share, and optimize the effect of their research contribution to the widespread audience.