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Journal of Innovative Image Processing


Journal of Innovative Image Processing (JIIP) is an international journal that provisions an effective medium of high quality, theoretical and applied research articles to all the aspects of image processing, image interpretation and computer vision. JIIP extensively covers the areas that includes Image Analysis, Object tracking and Recognition, Image coding, enhancement, Filtering, Rendering, Restoration, Half-toning, Search, and Vision-based Human - Computer Interaction.

JIIP is primarily focused to encompass the latest image innovations in the field of medical, industrial, consumer electronics, portable and embedded device applications. JIIP is envisioned to publish all articles within a single forum for all the developments in the field of Imaging, Perceptual Modeling and Spectral Imaging Systems

  • Targets Real time Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.
  • Determines the state-of-the-art and future progress in Image Processing Systems and algorithms for Medical, Industrial, Embedded and Vision assisted Intelligent Robotic Systems.
  • Aims to deliver the recent innovations in the emerging applications of Image Processing which includes video communication, biomedical imaging, electronic imaging, image and video systems, and remote sensing.

JIIP accepts scholarly articles in different facets of Image and Video Processing Algorithms, Computer Vision, Motion Analysis, Stereo Vision, Object Recognition, Computer Graphics, Photo Interpretation, Image Retrieval, Embedded Image Processing and Real-time image and Video Processing Applications.

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