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Volume - 3 | Issue - 3 | september 2021

Speedy Image Crowd Counting by Light Weight Convolutional Neural Network
B. Vivekanandam   203  102
Pages: 208-222
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Vivekanandam, B. (2021). Speedy Image Crowd Counting by Light Weight Convolutional Neural Network. Journal of Innovative Image Processing, 3(3), 208-222. doi:10.36548/jiip.2021.3.004
08 September, 2021

In image/video analysis, crowds are actively researched, and their numbers are counted. In the last two decades, many crowd counting algorithms have been developed for a wide range of applications in crisis management systems, large-scale events, workplace safety, and other areas. The precision of neural network research for estimating points is outstanding in computer vision domain. However, the degree of uncertainty in the estimate is rarely indicated. Point estimate is beneficial for measuring uncertainty since it can improve the quality of decisions and predictions. The proposed framework integrates Light weight CNN (LW-CNN) for implementing crowd computing in any public place for delivering higher accuracy in counting. Further, the proposed framework has been trained through various scene analysis such as the full and partial vision of heads in counting. Based on the various scaling sets in the proposed neural network framework, it can easily categorize the partial vision of heads count and it is being counted accurately than other pre-trained neural network models. The proposed framework provides higher accuracy in estimating the headcounts in public places during COVID-19 by consuming less amount of time.


CNN Crowd counting COVID 19

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