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Journal of Trends in Computer Science and Smart Technology


Journal of Trends in Computer Science and Smart technology (TCSST) is a double blinded peer-reviewed and open access journal published under Inventive Research Organization. TCSST is dedicated for publishing innovative and high-quality research articles that covers all the areas of fundamental and applied Computer Science and Smart technology. TCSST has been broadcasting the novel, high quality Open access articles from all over the world through a rigorous, fair and prompt review process which is guided by the eminent international editorial board researchers.

  • Explores the dynamic role of quality innovations in Computer Science and Smart Technology
  • Focused to present high level academic achievements in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Management and Data Mining, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Robotics, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Software Systems, Distributed Computing, quantum computers, Computer Graphics and Emerging Technologies.
  • Offers appropriate, comprehensive, judicious information on the emerging topics

  • TCSST covers the theoretical and technical achievements in modern computer Science and emerging smart technologies in various aspects of Cloud Computing, Computer System Engineering, Communication Technologies, Information Processing, Computer Networks, Web Technologies, Computing & Communications, Automation, Image processing and Wireless Communications.

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    Inventive Research Organization (IRO) is established in the year of 2015 to support all the recent research activities of young minds. Furthermore, IRO is a government registered organization for researchers and engineers in the field of informatics engineering. The main objective of IRO is "To raise leaders through the Research activities in the in the field of information technology and solve the issues of humanity."

    The IRO members include software engineers, professors, scientists, engineers, scholars, and university postgraduate and undergraduate engineering and technology students, etc. The IRO also welcomes all the Engineering and Technical Corporate Journals, Organizations, Colleges and Universities to join us to exchange information and ideas; in according with our objective to facilitate this, we call upon to network with us.