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Journal of Trends in Computer Science and Smart Technology

A Review on Finding Efficient Approach to Detect Customer Emotion Analysis using Deep Learning Analysis
Volume-3 | Issue-2

A Comparative Analysis of Prediction of Student Results Using Decision Trees and Random Forest
Volume-4 | Issue-3

A Review on Microstrip Patch Antenna Performance Improvement Techniques on Various Applications
Volume-3 | Issue-3

Computer Vision on IOT Based Patient Preference Management System
Volume-2 | Issue-2

Study of Security Mechanisms to Create a Secure Cloud in a Virtual Environment with the Support of Cloud Service Providers
Volume-2 | Issue-3

Secure and Optimized Cloud-Based Cyber-Physical Systems with Memory-Aware Scheduling Scheme
Volume-2 | Issue-3

Construction of Black Box to Detect the Location of Road Mishap in Remote Area in the IoT Domain
Volume-3 | Issue-2

Volume-1 | Issue-1

Fault Diagnosis in Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources with Machine Learning Approach
Volume-3 | Issue-3

Green IoT: Current Scenario & Future Prospects
Volume-2 | Issue-4

A Comparative Analysis of Prediction of Student Results Using Decision Trees and Random Forest
Volume-4 | Issue-3

Fake News Detection using Data Mining Techniques
Volume-3 | Issue-4

Speedy Detection Module for Abandoned Belongings in Airport Using Improved Image Processing Technique
Volume-3 | Issue-4

SDN Controller and Blockchain to Secure Information Transaction in a Cluster Structure
Volume-3 | Issue-2

Design an Early Detection and Classification for Diabetic Retinopathy by Deep Feature Extraction based Convolution Neural Network
Volume-3 | Issue-2

Deployment of Artificial Intelligence with Bootstrapped Meta-Learning in Cyber Security
Volume-4 | Issue-3

A Review on Finding Efficient Approach to Detect Customer Emotion Analysis using Deep Learning Analysis
Volume-3 | Issue-2

Efficient Routing Algorithm using MLP and RBX in a Four Model Neural Networks
Volume-3 | Issue-3

Construction of reliable image captioning system for web camera based traffic analysis on road transport application
Volume-3 | Issue-2

Design of an Intelligent Approach on Capsule Networks to Detect Forged Images
Volume-3 | Issue-3


These questions came from individuals like you and we hope you find this information helpful. If you have more specific questions that you would like answered, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How do I submit my paper?
 Papers can be submitted through the email id given in the journal submission page.

How many papers can I submit for the same journal?
 There is no restriction for the paper submission count. Though, only one accepted paper from the same author will be published in an issue. Remaining papers will be published in the upcoming issue or other IRO Journals with confirmation received from the author

How long the review process of the manuscripts would take to be completed?
 It usually takes less than 2 months from the date of submission.

When will I receive the acknowledgment email for my submitted paper?
 Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 24 hours.

What is the frequency of publication?
 We publish 4 issues per year.

Are IRO Journal published articles available for free?
 Yes, articles published in IRO Journals are available free with full access.

May I know the submission to publication stages?
 Submit the paper in PDF format for review.
 After review, you will receive the notification of Revision / Rejection / Acceptance.
 Once the paper is accepted for publication, send the copyright form along with the final paper in the Journal template not more than 20 pages. Format (MsWord or LaTex).

Are there any charges for publication and processing of articles?
 Publication and processing of articles are free of charge.

Where can I find the Copyright Form?
 Copyright form is available in the submission page.
 If your paper is accepted for publication, fill and sign the Copyright form and send it along with the final version of paper.

Are there any restrictions on the number of pages for an article?
 Maximum of 20 pages as per the journal template including the references.

Does IRO Journals publish Special Issues?
 Yes, Special Issues devoted to important topics are available.

How do I get a hardcopy of my article?
 As the articles are published with open access license, the readers and authors are allowed to take hardcopy of the articles in own.

Can I still make corrections to my article after it has been published online?
 Corrections can be made on or before the submission of final manuscript. It is not possible to make any corrections once the final manuscript is submitted.
 Still, authors can contact the Editor in Chief through the journal email id with their concern and the Editorial Committee will decide the action needed regarding the request.

How do I join in the Editorial Board?
 We welcome applications to join in the Editorial Board. Write to us and send us your complete CV to the journal email id mentioned in the contact page.

How to advertise on IRO Journal website?
 For information about advertisement on IRO Journal website, please send us an email to


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