Current Issue

Volume-3 | Issue-1 | June 2024
#1 Comprehensive Study on the Impacts of Gender Disparities Over Life and Work Balance in IT Sector in Bangalore Juin Choudhury  47  48 Pages: 1-15

#2 Driving Organizational Effectiveness: Implementing Safe Agile Framework for Team Alignment in Large Organisations Oke Oviemuno Anthony, Olayemi Michael Awoeyo, Adebisi Sunday Alamu  41  28 Pages: 16-33

#3 Assessing the Need to Implement Industry 4.0 Technologies with TOGAF Leila Zemmouchi-Ghomari, Lyne Akbi, Yacine Tayeb Cherif, Abdessamed Réda Ghomari  31  15 Pages: 34-55

#4 From Barriers to Boosters: Optimizing Open Government Data through Publishing Guidelines and Data Protection Strategies Khadidja Bouchelouche, AbdessamedRéda Ghomari, Leila Zemmouchi-Ghomari  49  27 Pages: 56-69

#5 Improving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Integrating Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Machine Learning (ML) - A Review Chaitanya Vijaykumar Mahamuni  43  14 Pages: 70-87

#6 The Impact of IoT on Smart City Infrastructure in India Maya Mohan, Hemapriya Mani  55  23 Pages: 88-103


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