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Volume-2 | Issue-2 | December 2023
#1 Cybersecurity and Confidentiality in Smart Grid for Enhancing Sustainability and Reliability Rahul Kumar Jha  107  156 Pages: 215-241

#2 CFD Analysis on Marine Propeller with Various Geometrical Conditions N. Shalom  58  45 Pages: 242-255

#3 A Comprehensive Approach to Securing Power Converters: Cyber-Physical Integration Rahul Kumar Jha, Sumina Neupane, Roshan Raj Bhatt  84  90 Pages: 256-287

#4 Flow Modelling in Porous Medium Applying Numerical Techniques: A Comparative Analysis Tejaskumar Sharma, Dr. Shreekant Pathak, Gargi J Trivedi, Dr. Rajesh Sanghvi  82  67 Pages: 288-304

#5 The Impact of Transition of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Businesses into an Online Digital Marketing System in Nigeria Samuel Angwe Bem, Ugochukwu Okwudili Matthew, Charles Chukwuebuka Ndukwu, Godwin Nse Ebong  56  48 Pages: 305-323

#6 Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: A Review Abdul bin Ismail  49  48 Pages: 324-342

#7 Quantum-Inspired Algorithms for Market Clearing in Smart Grids: A Comprehensive Review Rahul Kumar Jha  72  66 Pages: 343-360

#8 Impacts of Baobab Stem Fibre Reinforcement in Enhancing the Concrete Strength Terlumun Adagba, Aliyu Abubakar, Abubakar Sabo Baba  46  33 Pages: 361-381

#9 Satisfaction of Customers with Digital Marketing Services Dr. K. Baranidharan, Dr. T. Suganya  53  29 Pages: 382-397

#10 Social Welfare in India Sadhasivam S  27  22 Pages: 398-404

#11 A Survey on Integration of Applications - Tools, Types & It’s Challenges Subiya Sainyaara  25  19 Pages: 405-413

#12 A Study on the Scheduling Management based on Advertisement Sindhu Bichaiah  26  16 Pages: 414-424

#13 Survey on Computer Forensics and its most using Technique Steganography Vijayakumar Thangavel  40  21 Pages: 425-434

#14 A Research on Construction Industry - Technologies used for Construction Monitoring Dr. P. Suresh  29  23 Pages: 426-434

#15 Leveraging Technology in Advancing Construction Workers Safety J. Manikandan  28  21 Pages: 435-445

#16 Construction Industry: Green Building Lu-Tsou Yeh  27  20 Pages: 446-456

#17 Harnessing Power of Multimodal Interaction, their Challenges and Future Prospect – A Review Dr. I Jeena Jacob  29  19 Pages: 457-479

#18 Exploring the Impact of COVID on Global Telecommunication Networks and ICT Solutions Sahar Ahmadzadeh, Sangita Pokhrel, Rahul Kumar Jha, Gayathri Karthick, Rebecca Jeyavadhanam Balasundaram, Soonleh Ling  31  24 Pages: 480-498


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